Architecture / Protocol Design

For: Fintech Products/Protocols on the pre-development stage

Need: Define the components of the system and how they operate on the paper to avoid costly changes in future.

We investigate your niche to find out whether you need blockchain or not. Analysis, a deep examination of the industry and a sober assessment of the goals and available resources is the way to mitigate most of the risks. It is the way we get things done.

We're convinced that canonical approaches of software architecture in agile is a huge work upfront. That's why we think that the solution architecture and development only the high-level diagrams is enough to start the development in our very fast changing world.

Case Studies: Kidcoin, Kepler Collective, Social. Media Market, Smart Documents, ORME

Consultants: Kirill Kirikov, Oleg Bugrovoy, Bohdan Malkevych


  • Ethereum / Solidity

  • Ethermint / Tendermint

  • Stellar

  • Hyperledger Fabric

  • Hyperledger Sawtooth

  • Hyperledger Burrow

  • Raiden

  • Aragon

  • 0x



Scope: team's comprehensive understanding of the blockchain and related topics. The all-encompassing introduction to the blockchain by the professional delivering fresh, relevant and consistent information

Duration: Several hours - several days, Remote or In person


Scope: UML diagrams, preliminary solution architecture and suggestions, whitepaper and tech documentation. Informational support - analysis and suggestions - for the rational decisions on the operational level.

Duration: On-demand, Remote


Scope: Detailed project plan, prioritized scope of work, UX/UI mockups, your most optimal business decisions.

Duration: 1–3 days, In person

Our Publications

Keywords: blockchchain, architecture solutions, solution architecture, blockchain integration consulting, specifications, tech stack, public blockchain, private blockchain, permissioned blockchain, ethereum, ethereum core, custom blockchain, cloud architecture, protocol development, scaling solutions