Ethereum Signal Aggregator

We're working on a website in the community that we can trust - a fairly high source of truth in terms of recognized people and their skill sets. The main point is to get a website that curates signals of high source of truth which can be used to get an overview of the overall community and its health. List of signals that are helpful and will help to pinpoint what the state of the community really is.

The end goal is a community-curated hub that clears out some of the noise around key developments and decisions facing Ethereum

Services: Architecture / Protocol Design, Dapps / Wallets Development

Team: Bohdan Malkevych, James Hancock, Max Semenchuk, Griff Green, Deam, Anna Rose

Project got funding from Aragon Nest program, here's our presentation from the Aracon conference:

Link to the project (mainnet): https://tennagraph.com/