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Purpose: Create Successful Innovative Products


Process: question + resources (people, funds) –> answers KPI: research productivity points

Research directions

  1. Web3 (Kirill)

  2. Fintech (Stas)

  3. Logistics (Bohdan)

Through list gathering, interviews, group discussions, advisors & experts

Fund activities by Max

  • Getting sustainable funding

    • Collect / Monthly review grant programs, hackathons, incubators / accelerators

    • Paid milestones

    • Token system redesign

    • Get customers / +Develop the brand awareness, Publicize the work more

    • Build relationships with domain investors

    • Track grants and support the grant requests

Bring more expertise / people by Max

  • Make monthly blockchain developer meetups

  • Engage more UX, marketing, PR people

  • Attract advisors

  • Internships (Unit City, xteams)

Improve research quality by Max

  • Setup research refinement method (right question, stakeholders, links etc)

  • Refine interview practices

  • Crash test / Ideation

  • Advisory process


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