Platform Coops Summary


A platform cooperative, or platform co-op, is a cooperatively owned, democratically governed business that establishes a computing platform, and uses a website, mobile app or a protocol to facilitate the sale of goods and services. Platform cooperatives are an alternative to venture capital-funded platforms insofar as they are owned and governed by those who depend on them most—workers, users, and other relevant stakeholders.


  • Electricity

  • Data (Midata)

  • Digital Assets (Stocksy United, DEXs)

  • Services (Translation Coop, dOrg, 4IRE)


  • Decreasing the governance costs

  • Improving org experience

  • Making collaborative strategies?


  • Build the list of current coops

  • Drive more activity, retention and loyalty from customers, business partners, network/marketplace users via distributing future value

  • Make community interviews with selected governance TA

  • Connect partners to help (+dgov, Martin, giveth labs)

  • Decreasing the governance costs (0%)

  • Improve OrgXP

  • How to make collaborative strategies

  • Partner with Nathan Schneider / MEDLabBoulder