Increasing Liquidity with Asset Tokenization

For financial assets platforms:

  • Commodity specific exchanges (e.g. bonds, futures)


By combining the advantages of blockchain and classical investment instruments, tokenisation can have tremendous effects on trading and investment across borders. The benefits of tokenization are numerous and can be summarised as follows:

  • Improves liquidity of assets like real estate

  • Allows fractional ownership

  • Permits the diversification of risk by owning parts of several assets

  • Alleviates territorial and temporal barriers

  • Allows newer models for raising capital

  • Allows more control, and even the ability to choose the level of control over an investment with implemented digital democracy

  • Decreases the number of intermediaries, and therefore the amount of fees

  • Unlocks liquidity premium


  • Token

    • ERC 1404

  • Storage management

    • Sign in with email, password reset, auto-logout

    • 2FA

    • Multisig

  • Token generation

    • Vesting

    • Regulation

  • Manual Distribution (presale, bank payments)

  • Setting crowdsale

    • Gradual (stages, soft / hard cap, prices) / Continuous

    • Currencies

    • Limits, Whitelists, specific terms

  • Reporting

  • Dividend distribution

  • Voting

  • Staking