• Make cross-border payments to developing countries faster & cheaper

  • Improve speed of setup AML/KYC in product by using aggregated KYC providers in 1 service

  • Allow faster, cheaper and contract signing for businesses

  • Comply with PSD2

  • Comply with KYC/AML

  • Comply with GDPR

  • Increasing Liquidity with Asset Tokenization

  • Setup antifraud for crypto operations


0x Ecosystem Acceleration Program – funding startups building in a variety of 0x relayer verticals.

The Stable Fund – aim to support startups using using Dai or Maker infrastructure as a core component. The Stable Fund offers no-strings attached (equity-free) grants of up to $25k and equity funding of up to $200k.

Stellar Partnership Grant Program – This grant program aims to support projects who integrate with the Stellar network and pursue the improvement of the global financial landscape and promote financial inclusion. The Stellar Development Foundation has allocated 25 billion total lumens to this program (a monster $6b pool at these prices?!).

The Request Fund – Request Network has pledged $30 million (in $REQ & $ETH) over the next 5 years to the Request Fund for projects based around mobile apps to create, detect, and pay requests. See here for a wishlist from the Request network team and the application form here.

SmartCash SmartHive Governance Portal – Over 10 million SMART available (~$2M USD) to fund projects contributing to the SmartCash ecosystem. SmartCash holders vote on projects to be funded.

NEM Community Fund – As of September 2018, funding process is undergoing a restructure. The funding pool consists of ~300 million NEM ($28M at current prices) and is largely focused on the Asia-Pacific region.