Increasing the amount and quality of interactions in the community


  • dramatically increase the amount of interaction + quality of interaction

  • fulfill community goals of shared purpose, etc - community goals

  • directly encourage specific network behaviors you desire

  • individuals get help quickly from the network

  • save them time and money get a feel for what is going on in the network

  • sense of part of something bigger

  • experience to use should take very little time - 2 - 5 min sessions

  • so much value from the app in a few mins, not stuck to it



  1. Integrate community tech

  2. Community intelligence

  3. AI for communities

  4. Learn other community members

Test Assumptions

  • will any of your members click on the link and install

  • what % of those invited will do it

  • this will tell you if you reach out properly, can share how to access, and if easy to sign in

  • Do members create content?

  • harder to support if no user get, but can be useful

  • what cards are there and what is popular

  • content that exists that still has use and meaning

  • % share location

  • are they ready to share Profile completion - connection to linked, etc

  • how much people willing to invest