Purpose: create more successful new products


Goals 2019

KPI: research productivity

Focus on adoption/implementation

  • Refine #dgov the TA and problems

    • Make community interviews with selected governance TA

    • Connect partners to help (+dgov, Martin, giveth labs)

  • Decreasing the governance costs (0%)

  • Making better decisions

    • Signalling on the proposals

      • Tennagraph – influencers budget $500

  • Decentralized execution

    • Funding public goods

      • Stake to come to network + tax

      • Networks on subscription (Buy-in or work-in)

    • Increasing the amount and quality of interactions

  • Improve org experience

  • How to make collaborative strategies

  • Dgov Adoption

  • Regular Open workshops/groups in the ecosystem and community

    • Create Partnerships work (monthly working group call or else for more efficient research) #Governance (advisors, experts) Crash test / Ideation

  • Collect / Monthly review grant programs, hackathons, incubators / accelerators

    • Tenna Moloch Grant Push

Solve complex technical RnD solutions and get support from the market innovators.

  • Research Pantheon, ConsesysLabs, EEA, build_ua

  • Interoperability / BTC Bridge Web3 grant

  • DevX researches / FE smart contracts autofill

  • Adoption / Usability

Research Nordic Fintech Product needs and help them close it. In 2-3 months we have relations with key fintech players, have some knowledge on their needs, help to realize at least +1 paid project.

  • Market mapping (какие типа, хабы и тд)

  • Initiate the dialog on needs to find insights

  • Develop the offer based on the insights

  • Build Report on Nordic Fintech Innovation

  • Research Crossborder Payments Tech

  • Improve the speed of setup AML/KYC in the product by using aggregated KYC providers in 1 service

  • Allow faster, cheaper and contract signing for businesses

  • Go2 Finnovate Berlin Feb2020

Increase team capacity (Max)

  • Make monthly blockchain developer meetups (Max)

  • Teach Stas the design thinking facilitation (Max)

  • Engage more UX, marketing, PR people

  • Token system redesign

  • Develop the brand

  • Publicize the work more

  • Add Expertise

    • Security

    • Marketing

    • b2b enterprise connection

    • fundraising

    • PR

    • Copywriting

  • Culture

    • Promote self-development, decentralization

  • Refine

    • interview practices

    • storytelling

  • Get investments

    • Build relationships with domain investors


  • WIP limit = 2 tasks per person

  • Results from researches paid by out clients can be published only after client's approval

  • 4irelabs can cover 50% costs for hackathons. Need an approval from coordinator (Max)

  • In spinoff companies part of the ownership of IP belongs to 4ire. Exact proportions can be determined soon. Preliminarily: 50/50 (company / leader)

  • Requests must be submitted here: Funding requests


Process for phase 3 funding (testing & validation) (like in Aragon)

  • Request for funding

  • Approve by LL & Budget owner (Max)

  • Payout after milestone finished and goals met

Training/education budget

Everybody can put requests in the requests table, LL determine the priority and move to "approved".


  • LeadLink – Max

  • Researcher – Max, Stas, Kirill, Bohdan, Oleg

  • Advisors (various)

  • Facilitator – Max

  • Secretary – Max


Purpose: research the market needs


  • Conduct customer interviews (formal & informal)

  • Participate in related conferences and events

  • Read related media (articles, chats, forums, twitter)

  • Present & sell-test the company offerings


Should have a clearly defined challenge. Challenges are rated in the spreadsheet

  • Impact

  • Funding Opportunities

  • Easiness to test / skillset match

  • Personal Interest

To reject from the phase:

  • Lack of competence

  • Lack of interest