Tactical 15.08.2019


Max / Cooperative


  • Kirill: need to work on pitch – can be a separates labs project. We can create ... there're existent platforms like upwork etc. The only community related platform is only toptal, other are marketplaces. Max idea leads from company to self organization. Currently . consultants are semi dependent on 4ire. How do we scale it to hundreds. How do we make a platform governed by the engineers. We can automate the processes and give partners the opportunity to use the tokens for governance. Will look like toptal with distributed governance.

  • Bohdan: offline > online

  • Roma: benefits?

  • Kirill: i need a markup guy, where do i get him, what are our relationships. What do we say to the customer. What expectations we build. We can tell customers that they work with a cooperative. We can make the preselection to ensure good people are joining.

  • Roma: who's gonna manage this?

  • Kirill: some roles should exist? On toptal anybody can do interviews, it's even paid. Can be other ways to monetize.

  • Roma: How is it different from upwork? (you select the percent). On upwork – all is closed.

  • Bohdan: cool idea, can think about it

  • Stas: many administrative concerns, need to plan that. Starting with projects, payments etc.

  • Kirill: coop approach is different from usual – company creates environment for you, covers the risks. In coop we use funds to cover risks.

  • Roma: in Nordic countries coops are developed. Would be nice to talk with them.

  • Kirill: know many people who want to work remotely. It's important for me to have freedom of project choice, travel, less control etc. It can be strange for current businesses, but interesting for web3.

  • Stas: Coops is responsible for the quality. Might be a project for all team.

Bohdan / No time for labs

There's some time for Tennagraph on weekends. Need to scale, so engineer have 1 stable project.

Max: we can also raise grants.